Bin Hamad Mathew Joseph (BHMJ) Associates, Chartered Accountants, is an audit and accounting firm formed in the year 2011. It is based in Dubai and located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). BHMJ Associates has a number of committed and competent professionals. BHMJ Associates brings a range of professional services in the field of auditing and accounting. The quality of audit is of prime importance for retaining trust in financial reporting and for preserving the integrity of financial statements. Therefore, we assure absolute compliance with all International Standards & Statutory Provisions.

Our team at BHMJ Associates, as professionals, is dedicated to serving clients of all industries as the team has an understanding of specific trends in the business industry. We always believe in the value of experience and continue our march towards excellence in assisting companies in improving their financial reporting as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

BHMJ Associates is a professionally managed firm with members from different parts of the world. The team leaders foresee the audit objectives and motivate the other team members to achieve the same. With qualified Chartered Accountants in the team to guide and provide professional expertise in the audit field. The experienced staff ensures compliance with all international standards and accepted auditing and accounting practices. The team is focused on professionalism and excellence in the financial reporting of an organization. We believe in completing any assignments on committed timelines for all our valued clients.

BHMJ Associates provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services to help improve the operations of an organization. BHMJ Associates specializes in evaluating a company’s financial statements and records to determine if they are accurate and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The primary goal of BHMJ Associates is to provide assurance to the organization’s stakeholders, such as shareholders, creditors, and regulators, that the company’s financial statements and records are reliable and provide a fair and accurate representation of its financial position.