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  • Tax registration number linking with Customs Registration Number

    Auditing | Accounting |Taxation | Business Set-up | Registration & Licensing | Financial Consultancy | Management Consultancy | Company Liquidation | Tax Registration Number Linking with Customs Registration Number (TRN-CRN Linkage) The Federal Tax Authority has provided two options to link the Tax Registration Option 1 Update your customs registration number on your registration profile […]

  • Tax Group User Guide

    Federal Tax Authority has introduced a guide to provide group companies with assistance in registration, amendment, and de-registration.

  • Commercial Property Transactions – VAT

    Overview of the steps required to complete VAT payment It is completed in two steps 1. Create an e-services account 2. Complete your VAT Payment Above 👆is the latest updated step-by-step process of settling VAT Payment Online on Commercial Property Transactions by Buyers or Sellers in UAE. Now either the Buyer or the Seller can […]

  • E-commerce personal imports guidance

    Dubai Customs operating under “The Government of Dubai” vide Customs Notice No. (09/2021) has brought in a notice concerning personal imports via e-commerce. There are 13 articles as follows. (1) – Definitions Follow the definitions of these terms. (a) Department (b) Companies (c) Value (d) Platform (e) Personal Goods (2) – Registration It states that […]

  • VAT Payment guide for commercial property buyers

    The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) introduced a guide on 6th May 2021. It facilitates persons who are buying or selling a commercial property that is subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) to complete their VAT payment on their (FTA’s) e-services. It has 2 steps required to complete the VAT […]

  • FTA directive on tax returns

    FTA issues directive on alternative deadline to file tax returns (28th May 2020)