Category: Taxes and duties

  • Designated Zones

    Abu Dhabi (5 designated zones) Dubai (8 designated zones) Sharjah (2 designated zones) Ajman (1 designated zone) Umm Al Quwain (2 designated zones) Ras Al Khaimah (3 designated zones) Fujairah (2 designated zones) Commercial Property Transactions – VAT E-commerce personal imports guidance FTA directive on tax returns List of Charities that may recover input tax […]

  • VAT on insurance premium paid for employees

    Who is an Employee?Employee is one who is employed by the company (employer) based on a contract in an employee-employer relationship to assist the company in various domains specified as per the contract. What is an Insurance? (Source: Insurance is a contract in which an individual or entity pays an insurance company in exchange […]

  • VAT on Retention money

    Retention Money Retention money is referred to as the sum of money held by the employer as a safeguard for any defects or non-conforming work by the contractor. VAT on Retention Money VAT shall be due on the retention amount at the earliest of the following dates: