Keyboard Shortcuts in Tally Prime1 min read

Tally Prime includes a number of keyboard shortcuts that can help you work more efficiently and save time. Some of the most useful shortcuts are:

Alt + G: Opens the Gateway of Tally screen

Alt + C: Creates a new ledger, voucher, or other item

Alt + A: Displays the Alter screen for the selected item

Alt + D: Deletes the selected item

Alt + F3: Displays the list of ledgers

Alt + F4: Displays the list of voucher types

Alt + F5: Displays the list of stock items

Alt + F7: Displays the Daybook

Alt + F8: Displays the Cash/Bank book

Alt + F9: Displays the Profit and Loss statement

Alt + F10: Displays the Balance Sheet

Alt + R = Regular company to group company or vice versa

Ctrl + A = To accept and save changes

You can also use the “Ctrl” key in combination with the above shortcuts to quickly access specific features, such as Ctrl + Alt + F5 to display the list of stock groups.