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Taxation rules can be complex and the implications are not always considered. Implementation of tax needs careful planning for its success. BHMJ comprises a team of dedicated individuals who specialize in offering VAT consultancy services in Dubai. All businesses will require to maintain their books of accounts and will have to do audits for financial statements for tax purposes. We help you in managing all matters of VAT and taxation. There are a large number of clients dealing with us for a long time and they are fully satisfied with our VAT consultancy services.

The services which we provide are as follows

(i) VAT Registration

(ii) Excise Tax Registration

(iii) VAT System implementation

(iv) VAT Accounting Software

(v) VAT Calculation

(vi) VAT Return Filing

(vii) VAT Consultancy

(viii) Excise Tax Consultancy

(ix) Corporate Tax

(x) Review the existing accounting systems

(xi) Implementation of the VAT system

(xii) Provides training to staff members of organizations

(xiii) Assists in registration procedures

(xiv) Regular review of the system

(xv) Timely filing of VAT returns

VAT Registration

VAT Consulting

VAT Return Filing

Excise Registration

Excise Return Filing

Excise Consulting

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