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Charities in the UAE

Charities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) play a significant role in contributing to various social causes and community development. The UAE government and local authorities have established frameworks to regulate charitable activities and ensure transparency. Here are key points related to charities in the UAE:

1. Regulation and Licensing:

   – Charitable organizations in the UAE are subject to regulation and licensing by relevant government authorities.

   – The UAE government aims to ensure that charities operate transparently and in accordance with established guidelines.

2. Charitable Foundations:

   – The UAE has several charitable foundations that operate within the country. These foundations often focus on areas such as education, healthcare, social welfare, and humanitarian aid.

3. Humanitarian Initiatives:

   – The UAE is actively involved in humanitarian initiatives and provides aid to various countries and communities in need. This includes both government-led initiatives and contributions from charitable organizations.

4. Zakat and Sadaqah:

   – Zakat, a form of almsgiving or charitable giving, is an integral part of Islamic tradition. In the UAE, individuals and businesses often contribute Zakat as well as Sadaqah (voluntary charity) to support charitable causes.

5. Community and Social Development:

   – Charities in the UAE contribute to community and social development projects. This includes initiatives to enhance education, healthcare facilities, infrastructure, and overall well-being.

6. Government Initiatives:

   – The UAE government has launched various initiatives to promote philanthropy and social responsibility. This includes encouraging businesses to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

7. Public and Private Sector Collaboration:

   – Collaboration between the public and private sectors is encouraged to address societal challenges. This involves partnerships between government entities, charitable organizations, and businesses to maximize the impact of charitable initiatives.

8. Transparency and Accountability:

   – Charities in the UAE are expected to maintain transparency and accountability in their operations. This includes proper financial reporting and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

9. Online Platforms for Donations:

   – The UAE has embraced online platforms for charitable donations, providing individuals and businesses with convenient ways to contribute to various causes.

It’s important to note that specific regulations and initiatives may evolve over time, and organizations interested in charitable activities in the UAE should consult with relevant government authorities for the latest information and compliance requirements.

Charities Federal Entities

  1. Emirates Red Crescent Authority
  2. Zakat Fund
  3. Arab Youth Center
  4. UAE Special Olympics Establishment
  5. General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments
  6. UAE Deaf Association
  7. Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation
  8. Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program
  9. UAE Paralympic Committee
  10. Abdul Jalil Al Fahim and Family Foundation
  11. UAE Falcons Federation
  12. Emirates Down Syndrome Association

Charities Abu Dhabi

  1. International Fund for Houbara Conservation
  2. Mohamed Bin Zayed International Species and Nature Conservation Fund
  3. Emirates Foundation
  4. Family Development Foundation
  5. General Women’s Union
  6. Abu Dhabi Women’s Association
  7. Social care and Minors Affairs Foundation