Top Excel General Formulas1 min read

What are excel formulas?

Excel formulas are expressions that perform calculations or manipulate data in Microsoft Excel. They are entered into cells and can range from simple arithmetic operations to complex functions. Here are some common types of Excel formulas:

  1. Arithmetic Formulas: Perform basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For example: =A1+B1.
  2. Functions: Excel provides numerous built-in functions for various purposes, such as:
  • SUM: Adds up a range of cells.
  • AVERAGE: Calculates the average of a range.
  • IF: Performs conditional tests.
  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP: Searches for a value in a table.
  1. Cell References: Formulas often reference other cells. Absolute references (e.g., $A$1) remain fixed, while relative references (e.g., A1) adjust when copied to other cells.
  2. Concatenation: Combines text from different cells. For example: =A1 & ” ” & B1 combines the contents of cells A1 and B1 with a space in between.
  3. Logical Formulas: Use logical operators like IF, AND, OR to perform conditional calculations based on given criteria.
  4. Date and Time Functions: Excel has functions for working with dates and times, such as TODAY(), NOW(), and DATEDIF.
  5. Math and Trigonometry Functions: Perform advanced mathematical operations like exponentiation, logarithms, and trigonometric functions.
  6. Statistical Formulas: Calculate statistical measures like mean, median, standard deviation using functions like AVERAGE, MEDIAN, STDEV.

Formulas enable users to automate calculations, analyze data, and create dynamic and interactive spreadsheets in Excel.

Here are the top excel formulas that will help you productively use the office application

(i) SUM





(vi) COUNT




(x) LEN


(xii) POWER

(xiii) CEILING

(xiv) FLOOR