E-commerce personal imports guidance2 min read

Dubai Customs operating under “The Government of Dubai” vide Customs Notice No. (09/2021) has brought in a notice concerning personal imports via e-commerce. 

There are 13 articles as follows. 

(1) – Definitions

Follow the definitions of these terms.

(a) Department

(b) Companies

(c) Value

(d) Platform

(e) Personal Goods

(2) – Registration

It states that the companies wishing to practice the e-commerce activity must register/ add the activity in the Dubai Custom’s customer registration system without the need to add the activity to the trade license

(3) – e-Commerce Platform

It states that companies wishing to get the e-commerce benefits and facilities provided for under this Notice are required to join the Platform

(4) – Customs Clearance

(5) – Customs Duty

1. Goods whose value does not exceed 300 Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED) imported for personal purposes via postal parcels, courier companies are exempted from Customs duties

2. Tobacco and its derivatives, electronic smoking devices and tools, nicotine liquids, alcoholic beverages, and foods containing alcohol are excluded from Customs Duty exemption

3. Personal Goods returned via companies and on which Customs duty is proven to have already been levied shall be exempted from Customs duties if returned within 60 days from the date of their exit. Personal Goods which have already been levied are exempted from Customs duties. Provided, they are returned within 60 days from the date of their exit.

(6) – Service charges

Companies are exempted from Service Charges in respect of personal goods which are imported or exported for individuals via the company.

(7) – Customs Declarations

The provisions of this notice shall be applied to customs declaration of the following cases:

(a) ROW/GCC to local

(b) FZ/CW to local

(c) GCC/ROW to FZ/CW

(d) Local to GCC/ROW

(e) Local to FZ/CW

(f) FZ/CW to GCC/ROW

(8) – Customs Declaration Amendment or Cancelation

To be amended or canceled within 60 days from the date of registering the customs declaration

(9) – Refund of Customs Deposit & Claims Settlement

(10) – General Provisions

(11) – Penalties

(12) – Client Happiness Department 

(13) – Effective date